Monday, April 20, 2009

The Big 12 in 2009

Andy Staples raises some very valid questions in his article about the Big 12 and I'll give my humble opinion on all of them.

1.  No I do not believe that anyone will challenge Oklahoma or Texas for the Big 12 South and conference title.  These teams are both just solidly built for a deep run this season.  The team that is most likely to challenge these two is Oklahoma State.

2.  Yes Nebraska can be a contender again.  In a weak Big 12 North, they should rise to the top this season for the division title.

3.  I agree that Robert Griffin is the most exciting player now that Jeremy Maclin has gone to the NFL.  There are several players better than Griffin, but none more electrifying.  

4.  I think Texas Tech was a one hit wonder and fully expect them to go back to their usual 8-9 wins a season and losing all the big games.

5.  Missouri will have to grow up quick if they want to continue to be the leader in the Big 12 North.  With Nebraska returning a very strong defense and Kansas returning a strong offense, Missouri will be hard pressed to continue it's dominance.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What were you thinking?

Seriously?!  Sometimes the things that people do just make me scratch my head in disbelief.  This guy was going to pay off bankruptcy fees at the courthouse in Waco, but decided it would be a good idea to carry his drugs with him.  It's one thing to carry your drugs with you, but into a federal courthouse?  Let's do some thinking before we do this, man!  So not only is this guy bankrupt, but he is also without his drugs and is wanted for possession.  Just not a good day for that guy.  

50 Most Powerful Blogs

This article from March 9, 2008 identifies what it believes to be the 50 most powerful blogs in the world.  This list contains everything from politics to gossip.  It's really interesting to see the kinds of things that people really focus their attentions on in blogging.  For example, the #7 blog, "Talking points memo," is all about uncovering political controversy and things of that nature.  I mean, that's not something that a lot of people would think about a lot.  Yet it's the #7 most powerful blog in the world.  Pretty amazing in my opinion.  And yet, it shouldn't come as a major surprise that most of the top 50 are slightly obscure in their nature.  Blogs give people a chance to pursue passions, things they enjoy talking about.  They don't know how it's going to turn out.  Sometimes they fail, but other times, they simply blow up and make it onto lists such as these.