Monday, April 20, 2009

The Big 12 in 2009

Andy Staples raises some very valid questions in his article about the Big 12 and I'll give my humble opinion on all of them.

1.  No I do not believe that anyone will challenge Oklahoma or Texas for the Big 12 South and conference title.  These teams are both just solidly built for a deep run this season.  The team that is most likely to challenge these two is Oklahoma State.

2.  Yes Nebraska can be a contender again.  In a weak Big 12 North, they should rise to the top this season for the division title.

3.  I agree that Robert Griffin is the most exciting player now that Jeremy Maclin has gone to the NFL.  There are several players better than Griffin, but none more electrifying.  

4.  I think Texas Tech was a one hit wonder and fully expect them to go back to their usual 8-9 wins a season and losing all the big games.

5.  Missouri will have to grow up quick if they want to continue to be the leader in the Big 12 North.  With Nebraska returning a very strong defense and Kansas returning a strong offense, Missouri will be hard pressed to continue it's dominance.  

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  1. Good thoughts, just a few of my own I thought I might add.

    1) I think that we saw the best shot for anyone in the Big XII South this last year with Texas Tech when they played their way into a three-way tie with Texas and Oklahoma (I am sure you probably heard about how that situation boiled over). It would be the biggest shock in the Big XII next season if OU or UT did not win the South.

    2) I definitely think that Nebraska can be a team to beat in the Big XII North along with Kansas. It will be interesting to see how Bo Pelini's defense develops from what it was last year and how his offense will be without probably the Big XII's most underrated quarterback last year in Sam Ganz.

    3) I don't think it is clear cut that it is Robert Griffin because of what Dez Bryant is capable at the wide receiver position in Stillwater.

    4) It will absolutely be a year that Texas Tech comes back to earth in my opinion, but they will still make a bowl game. Look out for Baylor this year though, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't make some noise this year.

    5) Mizzou has little chance in the North in my opinion. I think Kansas is the clear-cut favorite in the anemic North with quarterback Todd Reesing and Missouri having to replace Daniel. Though they have a highly-touted 5-star recruit in waiting in Blaine Gabbert. It will be interesting to see how the North shapes up.